TROOPERS20 Training Teaser: Swim with the whales – Docker, DevOps & Security in Enterprise Environments

Containerization dominates the market nowadays. Fancy buzzwords like continuous integration/deployment/delivery, microservices, containers, DevOps are floating around, but what do they mean? What benefits do they offer compared to the old dogmas? You’re gonna find out in our training!

We are going to start with the basics of Docker, Containers and DevOps, but soon you’ll end up with your own applications running inside containers with the images residing in your own registry. Of course, following the microservices approach, and the second day hasn’t even started.After the fundamental topics of containerization are understood, you’re going to create and operate your own Kubernetes cluster. A lot of fun and challenging exercises lie ahead, to give you hands-on experience with all the technologies.

We at ERNW have not only security written on our banner, it is a mindset we share. Therefore, be prepared to get knee deep into security in regards of the discussed technologies. We will tackle the security aspects from the bottom-up, what Containerization tools can offer and how all these can be enforced and enhanced with Kubernetes to secure your clusters. From there on you are ready for the final challenge. You will jump into the role of an attacker who did compromise a Container in the cluster and escalate your privileges to Cluster Admin.

Attendees who absolved the training will have a solid understanding of container technology, especially with Docker and Kubernetes and of course the security challenges those technologies bring to the table.

So, if you’re up to a challenging training and want to get not only your feet wet with Docker and Kubernetes, you can reserve your spot for the training right here.


Thanks and kind regards,
Jan and Simon

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Modern Application Stacks & Security

I had the pleasure to give a presentation at the Security Interest Group Switzerland Technology Conference about modern application stacks and how they can be used to improve infrastructure and application security posture – the slides can be found here. Besides seeing a lot of old friends, I particularly enjoyed a round table discussion on security integration into CI/CD pipelines. Continue reading “Modern Application Stacks & Security”

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White Paper on Incident Analysis and Forensics in Docker Environments

In this article, we describe the impact of the increased use of Docker in corporate environments on forensic investigations and incident analysis. Even though Docker is being used more and more (Portworx, Inc., 2017), the implications of the changed runtime environment for forensic processes and tools have barely been considered. We describe the technological basics of Docker and, based on them, outline the differences that occur with respect to digital evidence and previously used methods for evidence acquisition. Specifically, we look at digital evidence within a Docker container which are lost or need to be acquired in different ways compared to a classical virtual machine, and what new traces and opportunities arise from Docker itself.

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My Journey to DockerCon Europe 2017

From October 17th – 19th I had the chance to attend my first DockerCon Europe 2017.

The conference was very well organized and attendee focused, which could be seen by the many little details found on the conference. For example you never ran out of coffee or beverages, there was a new Hallway Track where you could meet people from all disciplines, discuss about your favorite topics and there was always a place to sit and take a break between all those interesting presentations. I had the chance to speak to very nice people from different industries, most importantly in my case on the topic security. It was nice to see how the Docker community is growing and the adoption rate is increasing, especially in companies. The main focus of the conference (especially seen in talks held by people from Docker Inc.) was the Docker Enterprise Edition.

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DevOps, Continuous Deployment & Agile Security September 7, 2017

The following post is in German as it is covering an Event with German as the main language.

INSIGHT SUMMIT 2017 präsentiert DevOps, Continuous Deployment & Agile Security

Inspiriert durch die erfolgreichen Round Table Session der TROOPERS freuen wir uns Ihnen heute mit dem AgileSecurity Insight Summit 2017 eine weitere Veranstaltung in einer Reihe zu Trend-Themen im Bereich der IT-Sicherheit vorzustellen.

Die Veranstaltung beginnt am Morgen mit einer Keynote, gefolgt von Fallstudien und Vorträgen durch interne und externe Referenten aus der Industrie. Im Anschluss werden alle Teilnehmer in zwei Gruppen aufgeteilt, die nacheinander an beiden Round-Table Sessions teilnehmen. In den Round-Table Sessions werden unter Expertenmoderation typische Problemstellungen und Lösungsansätze diskutiert. Continue reading “DevOps, Continuous Deployment & Agile Security September 7, 2017”

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Docker Security & (Sec) DevOps Training July 19-20th

The following post is in German as it is covering a Training with German as the main language.

Professionelles Training im Workshop Character:
Docker, Microservices, Kubernetes, DevOps, Continuous
Integration/Deployment/Delivery (CI/CD), Container – moderne
Entwicklungsprozesse kommen nicht mehr ohne diese Begriffe aus. In diesem Kurs
lernen Sie die Security Grundlagen um diese Dinge zu beherschen.

Docker Security & (Sec) DevOps Training:
Im Training werden unter Anderem die folgenden Fragestellungen behandelt:

  • Wie stark/zuverlässig sind die Isolationsmechanismen hinter Docker/Linux/Betriebssystem-Containern?
  • Wie beeinflussen Container typische Applikations- und Netzwerk-Landschaften?
  • Wie beeinflussen die CI/CD/Microservice Paradigmen traditionelle Entwicklungsprozesse?
  • Wie sieht eine typische CI/CD Pipeline aus?
  • Was sind potentielle Schnittstellen zwischen „Security“ und diesen Paradigmen?
  • Welche zusätzlichen Security-Herausforderungen ergeben sich aus der veränderten Entwicklungslandschaft und neuen Tool-Chains?

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