KNX Support for Nmap

Hi folks,

our home automation research, especially with KNX, is still in progress. As part of this research we’ve implemented various tools to easy the process of identifying and enumerating KNX devices, in both IP driven networks and on the bus.

Lately we’ve written two Nmap NSE scripts to discover KNXnet/IP gateways. These allow everyone to discover such gateways in local and remote networks and print some useful information about them. One of them follows the specification to discover gateways by sending multicast packets, where all devices on the network must respond to. Due to the specification of KNXnet/IP this process is rather non-invasive because only a single UDP packet is needed to discover multiple gateways. The other script allows to identify gateways via unicast connections by a slightly different message type, which allows discovery over e.g. the Internet.

The scripts are now publicly available and will (hopefully) be included in Nmap soon.

Currently we are working on a tool which allows to enumerate KNX devices on the bus either from an IP driven network over a KNXnet/IP gateway or directly on the bus. Additionally information about the discovered devices included in the bus system will be extracted, e.g. what kind of device it is a sensor or an actuator.

It is planned to be released soon, so stay tuned 😉

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