Active Directory Security Summit 2018, 13th. of November of 2018

I have the pleasure to announce the Active Directory Security Summit 2018 at 13th. of November of 2018. The summit covers current Active Directory security related topics such as challenging tasks of hybrid Active Directory operations as well as new security best practices and some ‘evergreens’ – Admin Tiering implementations (what about Exchange and DNS…??), ESAE operations etc. 😉 Continue reading “Active Directory Security Summit 2018, 13th. of November of 2018”

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Extracting data from an EMV (Chip-And-Pin) Card with NFC technology

This is a guest blog post by Salvador Mendoza.

During years, many different researches and attacks against digital and physical payment methods have been discussed. New security techniques and methodologies such as tokenization process attempts to reduce or prevent fraudulent transactions.

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White Paper on Incident Analysis and Forensics in Docker Environments

In this article, we describe the impact of the increased use of Docker in corporate environments on forensic investigations and incident analysis. Even though Docker is being used more and more (Portworx, Inc., 2017), the implications of the changed runtime environment for forensic processes and tools have barely been considered. We describe the technological basics of Docker and, based on them, outline the differences that occur with respect to digital evidence and previously used methods for evidence acquisition. Specifically, we look at digital evidence within a Docker container which are lost or need to be acquired in different ways compared to a classical virtual machine, and what new traces and opportunities arise from Docker itself.

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Get your hands dirty playing with RFID/NFC

This is a guest blog post by Nahuel Grisolia.

The first time I’ve heard about RFID was at high school, back in 2002, when I was studying Electronics. Back in that time, this technology was like some sort of black magic to me. A few years later in 2011, our government in Argentina decided to implement a “new technology” called NFC, designed as the new and only way of payment for the use of public transport. So, I decided to understand it better, play with it, and try some hacks I heard from the cool people of the CCC.

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Announcing the first 5 talks of TROOPERS18!!!!

TROOPERS17 was unlike any TROOPERS we had known before. Everything just seemed bolder, better, and beyond our expectations. From surprise speakers like the grugq (do you have a follow-up talk for #TR18 by the way?) to new speakers who are now TROOPERS family, TROOPERS17 is one for the history books!

If you were there you might be wondering to yourself, how could they possibly top it (and if you were not there check out this video from TR17)? Well, I am not going to lie, it will be a challenge. However, the high quality of talk and training submissions for this year have us feeling pretty positive about making #TR18 the “best year ever”!

With that being said I am happy to introduce the first official 5 talks of TROOPERS18!

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