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DNS exfiltration case study

Lately, we came across a remote code execution in a Tomcat web service by utilizing Expression Language. The vulnerable POST body field expected a number. When sending ${1+2} instead, the web site included a Java error message about a failed conversion to java.lang.Long from java.lang.String with value "3".

From that error message we learned a couple of things:

  • The application uses Java
  • We are able to execute EL expressions
  • Output from the EL engine is always returned as String

Whenever you are able to execute code within a Java Context, the most interesting part is to check whether we can get a Runtime object and execute arbitrary OS commands.

Sending ${Runtime.getRuntime()} resolves to java.lang.Runtime@de30bb. Great, so we can use Runtime.exec(String cmd) to execute arbitrary code? Continue reading “DNS exfiltration case study”

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Active Directory Security Summit 2018, 13th. of November of 2018

I have the pleasure to announce the Active Directory Security Summit 2018 at 13th. of November of 2018. The summit covers current Active Directory security related topics such as challenging tasks of hybrid Active Directory operations as well as new security best practices and some ‘evergreens’ – Admin Tiering implementations (what about Exchange and DNS…??), ESAE operations etc. 😉 Continue reading “Active Directory Security Summit 2018, 13th. of November of 2018”

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Some Notes on the “Drop IPv6 Fragments” vs. “This Will Break DNS[SEC]” Debate

Some readers will probably be aware that we are amongst the proponents of a quite strict stance when it comes to filtering IPv6 packets with (certain) Extension Headers and/or fragmentation, because those can be the source of many security problems (as laid out here, here or here). Actually I still think it was a very good idea of, amongst others, Randy Bush and Ron Bonica to suggest the deprecation of IPv6 fragmentation in the IETF.
On the other hand there are voices arguing that fragmented IPv6 packets will be needed in some cases, namely DNS[SEC]-related ones.
In this post I will discuss some details of this debate (taking place in many circles, incl. this thread on the ipv6-hackers mailing list which, btw, you should subscribe to). Continue reading “Some Notes on the “Drop IPv6 Fragments” vs. “This Will Break DNS[SEC]” Debate”

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