The Week in Review #RIPE78

This week Chris and I participated in the RIPE 78 meeting in Reykjavík. Being part of the group was fun as always and we had quite some interesting conversations with peers from (not only) the IPv6 community.
Big thanks to the RIPE NCC team for the smooth organization and for taking care of us!

In this post I’ll provide some notes on talks I found particularly interesting, plus links to our own contributions.

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Some Notes on the IPv6 Properties of the Wireless Network @ Cisco Live Europe

Some years ago Christopher wrote two posts (2016, 2015) about the  IPv6-related characteristics of the WiFi network at Cisco Live Europe. To somewhat continue this tradition and for mere technical interest I had a look at some properties of this year’s setting.

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IPv6 Talks & Publications

At first a very happy new year to everybody!

While thinking about the agenda of the upcoming Troopers NGI IPv6 Track I realized that quite a lot of IPv6-related topics have been covered in the last years by various IPv6 practitioners (like my colleague Christopher Werny) or researchers (like my friend Antonios Atlasis). In a kind of shameless self plug I then decided to put together of list of IPv6 talks I myself gave at several occasions and of publications I (co-) authored. Please find this list below (sorted by years); you can click on the titles to access the respective documents/sources.
I hope some of this can be of help for one or the other among you in the course of your own IPv6 efforts.


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ERNW Whitepaper 67: Active Directory Trust Considerations

Last week Will “harmj0y” Schroeder published an excellent technical article titled “Not A Security Boundary: Breaking Forest Trusts” in which he lays out how a highly critical security compromise can be achieved across a forest boundary, resulting from a combination of default AD (security) settings and a novel attack method. His post is a follow-up to the DerbyCon talk “The Unintended Risks of Trusting Active Directory” which he had given together with Lee Christensen and Matt Nelson at DerbyCon (video here). They will also discuss this at the upcoming Troopers Active Directory Security Track (details on some more talks, including Sean Metcalf’s one, can be found in this post or this one).

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#TR18 Active Directory Security Track, Part 1

This is the first post discussing talks of the Active Directory Security Track of this year’s Troopers which took place last week in Heidelberg (like in the last nine years ;-). It featured, amongst others, a new track focused on Microsoft AD and its security properties & implications. This was the agenda.

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