Active Directory Security Summit 2018, 13th. of November of 2018

I have the pleasure to announce the Active Directory Security Summit 2018 at 13th. of November of 2018. The summit covers current Active Directory security related topics such as challenging tasks of hybrid Active Directory operations as well as new security best practices and some ‘evergreens’ – Admin Tiering implementations (what about Exchange and DNS…??), ESAE operations etc. 😉

The primary objective of the Active Directory Security Summit is to bring experts together:

  • Selected experts of large organizations will present Active Directory security related case studies
  • In round tables we share our knowledge of current and upcoming Active Directory security trends, their benefit and how they could/should be implemented in order to mitigate existing and emerging security threats and risks.

The Active Directory Security Summit is part of the ERNW Insight Summit Series and the continuation of the successful Active Directory Security Summit of 2017. It takes place again in Heidelberg.

Have a look at the summit details and join us to share experience and knowledge with us!

Have a great day,

Friedwart together with Heinrich, Florian and Nina.