Some Notes on the IPv6 Properties of the Wireless Network @ Cisco Live Europe

Some years ago Christopher wrote two posts (2016, 2015) about the  IPv6-related characteristics of the WiFi network at Cisco Live Europe. To somewhat continue this tradition and for mere technical interest I had a look at some properties of this year’s setting.

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2019 – Year Of The Blue Dog…

Back from Holidays, you started the year well motivated to make the world a safer place.
However, sitting at your desk today  you realize nothing really changed since last year, and you are surfing the web, feeling a bit blue, trying to avoid that pile of emails waiting for you and wondering how you could gain some visibility on your domain in order to better defend it.
No worries, emails can wait a bit longer. All you need is some fresh air and something cool to keep your defensive mind motivated for the year,  and I might have just what you need; so put on your shoes and let me take you on a 15 minute Cypher walk with a cool blue dog…

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TROOPERS19 Training Teaser: Hacking mobile applications

“If it’s a thing, then there’s an app for it!”…We trust mobile apps to process our bank transactions, handle our private data and set us up on romantic dates. However, few of us care to wonder,”How (in)secure can these apps be?” Well… at Troopers 19, you can learn how to answer this question yourself!

In our 2 day long “Hacking mobile applications” workshop, we teach how to find security vulnerabilities in mobile apps, exploit them and defend against them. We start from scratch, therefore no prior experience in hacking or developing mobile apps is required. Whether you want to learn how to pentest mobile apps, you are an app developer that fancies to secure his/her apps, or just curios, our workshop is a jumpstart to your goal.

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TROOPERS19 Training Teaser: Insight Into Windows Internals

Windows 10 is one of the most commonly deployed operating systems at this time. Knowledge about its components and internal working principles is highly beneficial. Among other things, such a knowledge enables:

  • in-depth studies of undocumented, or poorly documented, system functionalities;
  • development of performant and compatible software to monitor or extend the activities of the operating system itself; and
  • analysis of security-related issues, such as persistent malware.

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TROOPERS19 Training Teaser: Hacking 101

Hi there,
like in recent years the popular Hacking 101 workshop will take place on TROOPERS19, too! The workshop will give you an insight into the hacking techniques required for penetration testing. These techniques will cover various topics:

  • Information gathering
  • Network scanning
  • Web application hacking
  • Low-level exploitation

…and more!

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TROOPERS19 Training Teaser: Windows & Linux Binary Exploitation

Once again Troopers will have its Windows & Linux Binary Exploitation workshop. Its main focus are the ever-present stack-based buffer overflows still found in software today (e.g. CVE-2018-5002, CVE-2018-1459, and CVE-2018-12897) and their differences with regard to exploitation on Windows and Linux systems. If you ever wanted to know the details of the exploit development process for these systems then this workshop is for you. Continue reading “TROOPERS19 Training Teaser: Windows & Linux Binary Exploitation”

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TROOPERS19 Training Teaser: Hardening Microsoft Environments

“Credential Theft” or “Credential Reuse” attack techniques are the biggest known threats to Active Directory environments. This can be attributed to significant advances in and broad distribution of attack and reconnaissance tools such as mimikatz or Bloodhound. This means that after the first system in an environment is compromised it often takes less than 48 hours for a complete compromise of an Active Directory but unfortunately typically 8 to 9 months until the attack is discovered. Continue reading “TROOPERS19 Training Teaser: Hardening Microsoft Environments”

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IPv6 Talks & Publications

At first a very happy new year to everybody!

While thinking about the agenda of the upcoming Troopers NGI IPv6 Track I realized that quite a lot of IPv6-related topics have been covered in the last years by various IPv6 practitioners (like my colleague Christopher Werny) or researchers (like my friend Antonios Atlasis). In a kind of shameless self plug I then decided to put together of list of IPv6 talks I myself gave at several occasions and of publications I (co-) authored. Please find this list below (sorted by years); you can click on the titles to access the respective documents/sources.
I hope some of this can be of help for one or the other among you in the course of your own IPv6 efforts.


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