Troopers16 – GSM Network

Hello Troopers!

only a few seconds left! As a short reminder, there is a GSM network running on Troopers 2016. It should be available in the whole building. To attend the network you need to

  • Get a SIM Card @Troopers_Desk
  • Put it in your phone
  • Start the phone

That’s it!

You can always dial *#100# to get your phone number. All further information (and a phonebook) you’ll find on, but here again a brief summary:

  • Phonebook
  • Update your name in phonebook via sending your_name to 1000
  • Submit tokens via sending your_token to 1111 (you must register at the terminal first)

Please note, against to our announcement, there is not Internet (GPRS) yet. Due to questions and problems, please contact Kevin Redon or Hendrik Schmidt. Have fun!

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TelcoSecDay 2016 – Second Round of Talks

I am very happy to announce the second round of talks for the TelcoSecDay 2016. As mentioned in my previous post it will take place on March 15th. All invitations should be out by now; if you think you can contribute to the group and you are willing to join us – please let me know (

Still, not all talks are confirmed but the newly published talks will provide an idea about TSD 2016 and its discussions.
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Security Analysis of VoLTE, Part 1

Hello everybody,
this time I’d like to share some thoughts and results about our telco research last year. We gathered a lot of information out of some projects we’d like to share and discuss with you. The following sections also provide an idea of the upcoming Telecommunication Security Workshop I will give with Kevin Redon at Troopers (click). The workshop will be about Radio Network Security (covered by Kevin) and security aspects of the Core Network (covered by myself), mainly focusing on Voice over LTE (VoLTE). That’s also the topic of today’s post.
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Additionally to Wifi, Troopers is also offering a GSM network.
If you want to use it, simply ask your phone to scan for available mobile networks. There you should see the usual T-Mobile D,, E-Plus, O2-de operators, but also the unusual D 23 or 262 23. Just select this one, and your are done. You also can use the Troopers SIMs which you get on the welcome desk on the ground floor.

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Telco Research 2015

Hello and a happy new year 2015 to everybody!

As follow up of our 2014 talk “LTE vs. Darwin” I want to inform you about our telco research in 2015. We are currently dealing with the so called IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), which handles the call and media logic of 4G telecommunication networks. This network part provides functions like VoIP (or VoLTE) and takes care of the interconnection to other call or media related networks.
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Hackito Ergo Sum 2014

Greetings from Heidelberg to Paris,

and thanks for a great time at HES14! A nice venue (a museum), sweet talks and stacks of spirit carried us through the three day con. It all set off with a keynote byTROOPERs veteran Edmond ‘bigezy’ Rogers, who stuck to a quite simple principle: “People do stupid things” and I guess every single one of you has quite a few examples for that on offer. Next to every speaker referenced that statement at some point during her/his talk. Furthermore we presented an updated version of our talk LTE vs. Darwin, covering our research of security in LTE networks and potential upcoming problems.

For those who missed HES2014, we prepared a short summary of some of the talks that inspired us.

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