Troopers16 – GSM Network

Same as last year, we will have a GSM based telephony network running at Troopers 2016. The network will be a closed network, which means it only can be used with Troopers SIM cards and between Troopers attendees only. You can use the network for

  • doing Voice Calls
  • send Short Messages (SMS)
  • have Internet Access
  • submit Challenge Tokens (see below)

In contrast to last year, you will need a Troopers SIM card to attend the network with your cellphone. The SIM cards will be handed out at the registration desk; if you have questions you always can contact me or Kevin Redon (thanks again for assisting us).

Troopers16 - SIM card

Please note, that it is a good idea to bring a second cellphone with you, otherwise you will have to use your current cellphone and you will not be reachable from the outside. Because some newer phones are not working with our SIM cards, it would be a good idea anyhow to have a second (old GSM phone) with you 😉

Furthermore, I’d like to introduce some new features to you that we will have on Troopers16 for the first time:

Troopers Phonebook
There will be a phonebook available at The URL will be available in the conference network only. Here you can look up the phone number of other attendees. Once you attach to the network you will be registered to the phonebook automatically with a “standard name”. If you want to change your displayed name, you can send an SMS with your_name to the number “1000”.

Challenge Token Submit
You will be able to submit tokens of Troopers16 challenges via SMS. To do this, you have to send a SMS with your_token to the number “1111”.

See you on Troopers!



  1. Hey,

    could you bring your SIM-card staplers (or how ever they called) to the registration desk? Being able to trim to micro-/nano-SIM size would be very useful.


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