Troopers16 – GSM Network

Hello Troopers!

only a few seconds left! As a short reminder, there is a GSM network running on Troopers 2016. It should be available in the whole building. To attend the network you need to

  • Get a SIM Card @Troopers_Desk
  • Put it in your phone
  • Start the phone

That’s it!

You can always dial *#100# to get your phone number. All further information (and a phonebook) you’ll find on, but here again a brief summary:

  • Phonebook
  • Update your name in phonebook via sending your_name to 1000
  • Submit tokens via sending your_token to 1111 (you must register at the terminal first)

Please note, against to our announcement, there is not Internet (GPRS) yet. Due to questions and problems, please contact Kevin Redon or Hendrik Schmidt. Have fun!