Student Project – Audit Framework


In 2021, ERNW collaborated with Hochschule Mannheim for their CEP (Cyber Security Entwicklungsprojekt) to build an auditing framework for testing operating system configurations against security procedures. This project is part of the education program of the university to give the students the chance to utilize the knowledge gained throughout the first semesters in a real world project. ERNW posed as the fictitious customer, providing a requirements document and regular meetings with all project groups for feedback. We planned to process and adapt the results for an open source auditing framework. Unfortunately, we were not able to finish this project yet, but we think the students should get some attention for their work independent from our side. So here is a short summary of what the students created and the corresponding repositories.
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TROOPERS for Students!

We are super excited for TROOPERS18 (March 12-16th, 2018) as are many of you! We even have this great saying that “after TROOPERS is before TROOPERS”, which means we spend a lot of time looking through feedback from attendees, speakers/trainers, and our own Crew for ways to not only top what we’ve done in the years before, but also how to simply make it better for everyone involved.  Looking around at our Crew we realized how many have either attended TROOPERS or other conferences as students. We heard from them, as well as other students, how life changing it was to be able, as a student, to attend an IT-Security conference. How they got to meet a speaker whose work they’d read about in class. How people felt even more a part of the community they were studying hard to belong to.  Continue reading “TROOPERS for Students!”

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