TROOPERS for Students!

We are super excited for TROOPERS18 (March 12-16th, 2018) as are many of you! We even have this great saying that “after TROOPERS is before TROOPERS”, which means we spend a lot of time looking through feedback from attendees, speakers/trainers, and our own Crew for ways to not only top what we’ve done in the years before, but also how to simply make it better for everyone involved.  Looking around at our Crew we realized how many have either attended TROOPERS or other conferences as students. We heard from them, as well as other students, how life changing it was to be able, as a student, to attend an IT-Security conference. How they got to meet a speaker whose work they’d read about in class. How people felt even more a part of the community they were studying hard to belong to. 

So that being said, we want to try something a little different, especially since the limited budget of many students should not get in the way of “Making the World a Safer Place”. We have decided to do away with the Student Rates and instead ask all Students wanting to come to TROOPERS to submit a motivational letter instead.

What needs to be included in your motivational letter:

  • Tell us about yourself!
  • Current field of work/degree programs
  • Why are you interested in IT-Security?
  • How do you help “Make the World a Safer Place?
  • Published work/research/white papers/write-ups?
  • Why do you want to come to TROOPERS?
  • What you will contribute to TROOPERS as an attendee?
  • Please also include proof of your current Bachelors or Masters degree status.

Send this letter to

A few tips for making your letter stand out:

  • Be thoughtful and go deep with your answers!  “I like IT-Security because it is cool” or “My name is X and I like computers” is only a start to the answer, but not the answer itself 😉
  • Don’t use a standard template and slightly change the content.
  • If you have been to TROOPERS in the past tell us what you learned while there, and why you want to come back.

TROOPERS18 Student tickets will include free entry to our Next Generation Internet event on Monday and Tuesday, our Main TROOPERS conference on Wednesday and Thursday, and our Roundtable discussions on Friday. While we do not provide travel assistance at this time please refer to our travel page for information regarding where to stay and how to get here. If you have questions or need assistance you can always write us at info@troopers. There will be two rounds for submissions. The deadline for round one is November 30th. The second  deadline is January 31st. All students will be notified regarding decisions within 48 hours.

We look forward to seeing you at #TR18