An Update of PenTesting Tools that (do not) Support IPv6

As you may remember, back in 2014 we published a whitepaper (compiled by Antonis Atlasis) on the support of IPv6 in different pentesting tools. This is almost three years ago and we thought it is time for an update. In short not much has changed. Most of the tools which didn’t support IPv6 are still not supporting it or haven’t got any update since then.
This post will  cover the tools where we could identify some progress on supporting IPv6.

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Troopers Netmon

Hi everybody,

Christopher talked already about our WiFi Network during the IPv6 Security Summit and mentioned our monitoring system (we like to call “netmon”). As there were quite some people interested in the detailed setup and configuration, we would like to share the details with you. This year we used a widely known frontend called Grafana and as backend components InfluxDB and collectd. During Troopers the monitoring system was public reachable over IPv6 and provided statistics about Uplink Bandwidth, IP Protocol Distribution, Clients and Wireless Bands.

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Hi everyone,

we (Christopher, Jan-Pascal and me) had the pleasure to join the 7th DENOG (German Network Operators Group) meeting in Darmstadt which takes place yearly in autumn. For the first time the meeting was scheduled for two days which offered more time for talks and discussions than the previous meetings. The concept of DENOG is to meet, talk, discuss and share experience with the network operator community in Germany.  Continue reading “DENOG7”

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