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we (Christopher, Jan-Pascal and me) had the pleasure to join the 7th DENOG (German Network Operators Group) meeting in Darmstadt which takes place yearly in autumn. For the first time the meeting was scheduled for two days which offered more time for talks and discussions than the previous meetings. The concept of DENOG is to meet, talk, discuss and share experience with the network operator community in Germany. 

The meeting started withe a talk from Peter Sievers from Juniper about Network Automation and Programmability. He presented why automation and programmability is getting more and more important even for network operators. It will help to automate the build process, the configuration and should ideally help you operating and troubleshooting your envirnoment. The focus of the talk was on the platforms which are already available and ready to use to automate day to day activities.

The next talk was about why Bufferung Sucks from Fredy Künzler. He pointed out the root cause of Buffering and what peering has to do with it. A main problem are the Broadband provider which try to get paid twice through their monopolies at the moment. He ended with a so called “Milchbüechlirächnig” (quick calculation/ Milchmädchenrechnung) about the economic damage of buffering and had some proposals for regulators to look at.

After the break Greg Hankins from Alcatel-Lucent presented the evolution of Ethernet speed which covered the current development status on Ethernet standards. It was very interesting to hear about the progress of 400GE and more.

The first day ended with a talk from Simon Kissel about the “Freie Endgerätewahl” (Choice of CPEs [Customer Premises Equipment]) discussion we have currently in Germany . The talk was a status report about the progress of a ongoing German law about the definition of the “Netzabschlusspunkt” and the prohibition that customers MUST use the CPE from the provider.

The second day started with some lightning talks about different subjects from the sponsors of the meeting. After that Wolfgang Tremme talked about the DE-CIX and what happened in the last year and what is coming in the near future.

Another interesting talk was from Thomas Weible from Flexoptix who gave a overview about the connectors and fibre options in datacenter and what are the important things to keep in mind. He also showed some real world examples of what could happen to optical components after and during installations even in 2015.

The meeting ends with the last talk about Reliable and Secure DHCPv6 presented by Christopher and was the only one which covered the IPv6 topic.

All talks of the meeting were recorded and available online as well as the slides.

It was a great meeting with interesting impressions about ongoing developments in the network operators world.



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