Troopers17 GSM Network – How about your own SMPP Service?

The event of the events is getting closer and again, we are very optimistic to have a lot of awesome trainings, talks, evening events, and discussions. But we again will also have some “features” and gimmicks for those of you who would like to play with new, old, or just interesting technologies. As you might remember, since some years one of these features is and again will be our own GSM Network. As we are improving our setup from year to year, this time we’d like to give you the chance to actively participate with ideas and your own services.

Maybe you remember some of our GSM based features we had like “submit a token via SMS”, or “get current agenda via SMS”. Now we’d like to give you the chance to write your own small interactive responders to provide services to the GSM network. The only limitation is that it must be controlled via SMS.

To give you some ideas such scripts could look like:

  • $informational service via SMS / autoresponding with some information
  • simply a “game” – either between GSM or with your program itself
  • … and many more …

From technical perspective, the services will have some limitations:

  • it must be controlled via SMS (if you want to use voice, pls contact me, maybe we find a solution)
  • the program must be coded in Python2.7
  • your code must use SMPP Listener to receive/send SMS (using python-smpplib.)

Every script will get a dedicated “functional number” and an own ESME to listen on incoming SMPP messages. That means all SMS sent to this number will be forwarded to your script/program via this SMPP Listener. Your program will also be able to send SMS to phones in the network via the same way.

An example script, how such service could look like can be found on ERNW github.

For submission of programs, or if you need some help/have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me (hschmidt(at)

You can test your script with setting up your own SMSC. I tested it with the following one and it seems to work well:

Hopefully see you soon to the best year ever!



As we will have to review each submission, we cannot promise that every script will make it onto the final network.


No, we do not need a remote shell via SMS on our system 😉