TelcoSecDay 2017 – 2nd Round of Talks

Hello and a Happy new Year!

There are only two and a half months left, so I’d like to publish the next two talks for TelcoSecDay 2017, taking place at 21st of March in Heidelberg. Both talks are about the security of an upcoming technology which importance will raise in near future: 5G Networks.

One of the talks will be from an attacker’s point of view, highlighting weaknesses of 2G/3G/4G networks and what we have to fix in 5G, and the other one will give us insights into current developments of the 3GPP standardization group.

It’s no use crying over spilled 2G,3G,4G – what we need to fix in 5G.
by David Ruprecht (Ruhr-Universität Bochum) & Adrian Dabrowski (SBA Research)
Based on the attacks and weaknesses of past generation networks, we will present and discuss our central thesis’s of what we need to change. Since we can not introduce groundbreaking changes into existing systems, we need to get them into closed installations or new generations. A chance, we only have once in a decade.

Outlook on 5G security from 3GPP perspective
Stefan Schröder, Deutsche Telekom AG
While tech media are abuzz with hype about 5G features like low latency, high troughput, massive IoT etc., very little public news deal with new security aspects that we can expect from a 5G network. Vendors, operators, and other stakeholders have been developing ideas for 5G security for over two years within various fora, and many will make it into the 3GPP standard. This talk will give an up-to-date insight into current progress in the 3GPP security group: what is on the roadmap, which are hot topics, where can you still influence the standard? Security-relavant aspects that will be handled in 5G are:

  • virtualisation
  • network slicing
  • alternative network access credentials
  • security of mobile devices and credential store
  • enhanced user identity privacy
  • security termination points in the architecture
  • resistance against key leakage
  • fraud prevention


For me this sounds great, with a high chance for discussions & an important outcome for the world of security!