Troopers15 – Fourth Round of Talks Selected

As we promised some days ago here’s the fourth round of Troopers15 talks (the first three can be found here). We really can’t wait for the con ourselves 😉 !

Arrigo Triulzi: Pneumonia, Shardan, Antibiotics and Nasty MOV: a Dead Hand’s Tale

Synopsis: Starting in the 80’s we will discuss the influence of nuclear weapons on the design of an ITsec “Dead Hand” system for a security practitioner, how it merged with research into firmware backdoors and microcode modification and finally triggered when instead of enjoying Summer pneumonia struck unannounced, or rather, announced by the Dead Hand via Twitter.

Bio: Arrigo is an independent security consultant based in Switzerland with a background in Pure Mathematics, Computer Algebra, Supercomputers, a long history of Unix, mainframes and weird systems plus an unhealthy interest in nuclear weapons and other esoteric technologies. He can be followed on Twitter as @cynicalsecurity.


Kai Nothdurft & Sylvia Johnigk: Let’s Clear up the Debris –  What the Snowden Leaks Mean for Your IT Security Strategies        FIRST TIME MATERIAL

Synopsis: The Snowden Leaks triggered a worldwide scandal. The public interest and discussions focus on the mass surveillance of internet users by secret services.
But another even more severe aspect that was revealed by Snowden is the total compromise of nearly everything that is important for IT security: crypto products and standards, worldwide spread masses of infiltrated Internet servers ready for botnet misuse, manipulation of hardware and software components partly with knowledge or collaboration of producers and vendors.
The underlying trust model as a whole has to be reviewed and checked from the scratch. This has to lead to huge consequences on companies’ IT security strategies that (if at all) are just partly realized by decision makers on senior management level. Therefore most of the needed and important consequences are still pending.
Our talk gives an overview on the requirements und some first step recommendations for companies’ IT security strategies considering the change of the IT security game triggered by the Snowden Leaks.


Kai Nothdurft works as Information Security Officer at Allianz Deutschland AG which includes information security management, security awareness trainings for employees and consulting IT projects of the company.
Sylvia Johnigk (secucat) started as an IT Security researcher in GMD (now part of Fraunhofer) and worked several years as an Information Security Officer in a big financial institute. Since 2009 she works self employed as an IT security consultant for large companies.

Both also work for FIfF e.V., a non profit NGO of IT professionals engaging for peace and social responsibility issues raised from the IT business and technologies, that is amongst others: information warfare, privacy/surveilllance and security aspects.


Haroon Meer: Information Security – The hard thing about the hard thing         KEYNOTE

Haroon Meer is the founder of Thinkst, an applied research company with a deep focus on information security. Haroon has contributed to several books on information security and has published a number of papers on various topics related to the field. Over the past decade he has delivered research talks and keynotes at conferences around the world.
At Troopers12 Haroon already gave an inspiring keynote on “You & Your Research“.


Christopher Werny: IPv6 First Hop Security in Virtualized Environments        IPv6 Security Summit

Synopsis: In many organizations so-called First Hop Security (FHS) features are an essential part of their IPv6 deployment planning in the data center. There’s one (not too) small problem though: while FHS features have reached a certain maturity and stability on some platforms (namely Cisco IOS), their availability on virtual switches is still sparse. This talk will give an overview which features are available on common virtual switches in VMware ESX and MS Hyper-V environments as of March 2015, how they compare to their “physical counterparts” in terms of configuration and actual security benefit provided, and how to cope with specifics of virtualized environments (think VM mobility).

Bio: Christopher has been involved with IPv6 since 2005 and has performed a number of IPv6 planning & implementation projects and troubleshooting tasks since then. He leads the network security team at ERNW.
At the Troopers14 IPv6 Security Summit he presented, amongst others, the “Case Study: Building a Secure and Reliable IPv6 Guest Wifi Network” talk and at the Troopers13 IPv6 Security Summit he presented on “Securing IPv6 in the Cisco Space“. Furthermore he gave the “IPv6 Security in Enterprise Networks” tutorial at the Heise IPv6 Kongress 2014.


Ange Albertine & Kurt Pfeifle: Advanced PDF Tricks (A.P.T) – a Workshop-style Presentation to Understand the PDF File Format                          Hands-on Track

This session is NOT about analyzing exploits but about learning to manipulate PDF contents. Amongst others

– hide/reveal information
– remove/add watermark
– just suck less about the format.

It’s an extended session (2 hours) to leave the audience time to try by themselves actively. The slides’ PDF is entirely hand-written to explain clearly each fact, so the presentation slides themselves will be the study materials.

Ange Albertini is a reverse engineer and author of Corkami publications/paper, incl.

– AngeCryption – RaumZeitLabor, RMLL, BlackHat Europe (co-authored at BH)
– Arcade games preservation – Recon, NuitDuHack, T2, Area41, RZL
– Malicious SHA-1 (co-authored) – BSides LV, Defcon Skytalks, Selected Areas in Cryptography
– Articles in PoC||GTFO 0x1-0x6.

Kurt Pfeifle is a freelance IT consultant specializing in topics evolving around production printing and print data generation and conversion. One of his customers nicknamed him “The two-legged PDF Debugger”. He has no background in infosec — however, his record for answering PDF-related technical questions on Stackoverflow so far is un-matched. In a long distant past, he contributed ~200 pages about print-related topics to “The Official Samba Howto And Reference Guide”, published as a printed book by the Samba Team with Prentice Hall, now included as HTML and PDF in all full Samba distributions. He is also asked from time to time to write print- or PDF-related articles by editors of some German IT publications (such as iX, c’t or Linux-Magazin).


More talks to follow soon, so stay tuned ;-).

See you @Troopers & all the best for 2015




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