Responsible Disclosure and Academic Freedom, Again

Reading this article from the Guardian,  on this guy apparently being banned from fully discussing research results in his talk at upcoming USENIX Security, leaves me scratching my head once more. Things might (as so often) be more complex than they seem, but this looks like yet-another misconception as for the contribution of security research (and its public discussion) to the greater good of us all. Which is unfortunate for the speakers (I’ve been in a similar situation once, receiving a threatening legal letter from a very large organization one day before one of our Black Hat presentations and can tell you that stuff like that doesn’t add to one’s anticipation of the talk or the event…), for the audience (including some ERNW guys who will be a USENIX-SEC, so, btw, expect a summary post here) and for the whole community of security researchers.

Ross Anderson from the University of Cambridge (so just ~ 100 miles from Birmingham, where Flavio Garcia works) formerly gave a very nice response when one of his students was approached in a similar fashion. Based on the publicly available information, the judge in the above case did not follow this reasoning. Which I think, is not a good thing for all of us.

Still, have a great remainder of the weekend everybody,


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