IPv6 Hackers Meeting @ IETF 87, Berlin

Next to IETF 87 going on in Berlin in a few days there will be an informal meeting of the “IPv6 Hackers” on Tuesday. We really look forward to personally meet a number of people who we (so far) only know from the associated mailing list or similar machine-enhanced exchange. We hope to contribute as well. Based on the stuff of this workshop from the IPv6 Security Summit at Troopers13 we might give a short project presentation along the lines of “Some Notes on Testing the Real-World IPv6 Capabilities of Commercial Security Products”, providing an overview of some testing done on commercial gear, together with a discussion of testing approaches, tools and key aspects.

I currently discuss this potential input with the guy who gratefully organized the meeting. In any case I encourage everybody interested in IPv6 security to show up there (you don’t have to be registered to IETF 87) as there’s not much that can substitute meeting in person to discuss how to make the IPv6 world a safer place.