Welcome to insinuator.net

Welcome to insinuator.net, the semi-official blog of ERNW GmbH.
You may ask: Why yet another infosec blog? Aren’t there already just too many around? Well, possibly. But that opulence is part of blogging in general, isn’t it? 😉
Given we are trying to contribute to “public space & opinion” in a number of ways anyway [e.g. by our presentations or our newsletter] it seemed just too logical – and we’ve been asked by various people as well – to add another element to global blogosphere. Voilà, here we go!
What can you, dear reader, expect? Of course all kinds of shameless self-references, maybe occasionally a little bit of insight or even wisdom (yes, you’re right: modesty is not amongst our key virtues, at times) and – hopefully – some entertainment.


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