Today I had to give the pleasure to give a keynote at the SIGS DC Day on the need to evaluate Cloud Service Providers in a way that looks behind (or at least tries to) security whitepapers and certification reports. The slides can be found here.

I also particularly enjoyed the following two talks:

Sean O’Tool from Swisscom AG covered challenges of an infrastructure to cloud migration. Even though he only briefly touched the topic, I enjoyed his description of their firewalling model: Seeing that centralized firewall operation (or more precisely, rule design and approval) is limited/challenged by the understanding of the application, they transferred control over firewall rule sets (beyond a basic set of infrastructure/ground rules) to the application teams (using of features like OpenStack’s security groups, where he also talked about limitations of those). They compensated the loss of “centralized enforcement by a security group” with rule reviews — an approach that will become way more relevant (and necessary) in the future.

Marc Holitscher from Microsoft covered their “second line of defense”, which is a strong audit framework for controls they implement for their Azure/Office cloud environment. The relevant information (which was new for me too) was that they published a lot of audit information just recently. Details are described here.


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Advanced Security Evaluation of Network Protocols


I’m back from London where I gave a talk about security evaluation of proprietary network protocols. I had a great time at InfoSecurity Intelligent Defence and BSides London, many thanks for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to speak to so much nice people.

Find the abstract and the download link to the slides after the break.

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OS IPv6 Behavior in Conflicting Environments

I was invited by the Swiss IPv6 Council to give a talk on this topic yesterday. We had good conversations after the talk – thanks for the invitation!

For those interested the slides can be found here. I will happily discuss the intricacies of DHCPv6 and how to deploy it in complex environments at the upcoming IPv6 Business Conference in Zurich and in my “IPv6 in Enterprise Networks” training in Berlin.

Have a great day everybody


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