QNX: 99 Problems but a Microkernel ain’t one!

The talk “QNX: 99 Problems but a Microkernel ain’t one!” was part of the Troopers conference in Heidelberg, 16 March 2016. The talk was done by the researchers Alex Plaskett and Georgi Geshev from the MWR Labs. The MWR Labs is the research department of the cyber security consultancy MWR InfoSecurity located in the UK.
The talk provided an overview of the research on the architecture and security systems of the QNX kernel with focus on the Blackberry 10 operating system. The talk was divided into two parts. First Alex Plaskett gave an introduction regarding the general structure of the QNX operation system and introduced the main subsystems. Second Georgi Geshev presented tools and approaches to abuse vulnerabilities in the QNX system.
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