DHCPv6 Guard: Do It Like RA Guard Evasion

Or: When Cisco ACL Can Count Up to Five 🙂

This is a guest post by Antonios Atlasis.

Hi all,

RA Guard Evasion is well-known in the IPv6 “circles”; there is RFC 7113 Advice for IPv6 Router Advertisement Guard (RA-Guard) and many interesting blog-posts like this one here, here, and this excellent write-up here that discuss this issue.
Moreover, as Jim Smalls states in his comprehensive “IPv6 Attacks and Countermeasures” presentation given at the North American IPv6 Summit 2013, DHCPv6 Guard or a corresponding IPv6 ACL can stop a DHCPv6 Rogue Servers, but (only?) for non-malicious/non-fragmented DHCPv6 packets (slide 35). However, at that time there wasn’t any known attack tool in the wild that had the fragmentation evasion built in.

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