Secure CI/CD Pipelines @Troopers ’19

In the last couple of months we participated in an increasing count of customer projects following current trends of agile software development approaches and corresponding toolstacks. Especially the terms Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery kept (and still keep) popping up on every corner. The frameworks and processes behind those two hypes aid developing software at higher quality in shorter release cycles. This is especially relevant since end consumers nowadays expect fast releases including the newest features. If companies neglect this demand, competitors might take advantage of their better time-to-market which might result in increased market share and -dominance. A lot of changes are happening in the space of CI/CD. Existing tools become more mature, gaining increased attention, and new ones are appearing every month including better ways of integrating them into existing or new processes. Companies benefit from more choices, increased flexibility, and faster integration into existing company policies.

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