LTE@ShmooCon, a Summary

Hey guys,
as some of you may have noticed, just recently at ShmooCon we gave our talk “LTE vs. Darwin” (Slides here). There we presented some results of our research in 4G telco network security. Some of those originate from our research contribution to ASMONIA, but we expanded the scope and also took a look at the air interface. Both the air interface and the backend links & protocols must be secured appropriately; otherwise communication may be eavesdropped or sensitive information may be compromised. In the following we want to provide an overview of LTE main components and potential attack vectors.
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ERNW to contribute to government sponsored research project on telco security

Today we dare to (mis-) use the blog for a shameless self promotion 😉
We’re happy to announce that ERNW will contribute to a government sponsored research project called ASMONIA (which stands for the German title of the project that is Angriffsanalyse und Schutzkonzepte für MObilfunkbasierte Netzinfrastrukturen unterstützt durch kooperativen InformationsAustausch [Attack analysis and Security concepts for MObile Network infrastructures, supported by collaborative Information exchAnge]. those readers familiar with that kind of projects will have an idea of the importance of such acronyms ;-).

Our input in the project will happen in the areas of threat and risk analysis in 4G mobile telecommunication networks and, of course, we will “carefully evaluate practical attacks” in some parts of those networks ;-).
We just got a bunch of devices to undergo some lab testing in the next months. And you might expect some presentations on results from the project, e.g. for ShmooCon we plan to file a talk on “Attacking and Securing Juniper Backbone Routers”.

Stay tuned & have a great day,


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