(Mostly) New, Interesting, and Security-focused Open Source Projects

Troopers ’17 – the 10th edition – madness is over and hopefully all of you are well rested and recovered after this special week. Of course the rest of the world did not stand still and thus Google lifted the curtains on a new public portal collecting and promoting the Open Source Software projects developed by employees of Google: opensource.google.com. There are a lot of interesting projects that might incubate new interesting developments. And even security oriented tools and projects (51 at the time of writing to be precise) are publically available Continue reading “(Mostly) New, Interesting, and Security-focused Open Source Projects”

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Unpatchable – Living with a vulnerable implanted device

TL;DR: Marie Moe talked about security issues of medical devices, especially implantable devices like pacemakers, but not in overwhelming technological depth. She wanted to point out the necessity of intensified security research in the field of medical devices as vendors and medical personnel seem to be lacking necessary awareness of security of devices, interfaces, services, and even data privacy.”Get involved, join the cavalry” was her core message. Continue reading “Unpatchable – Living with a vulnerable implanted device”

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