I know what you ordered last summer @ Winterkongress 2024

Dennis and I already published blog posts about our research project dealing with vulnerabilities in parcel tracking implementations at DHL and DPD. At the Winterkongress (winter congress) in Winterthur, Switzerland, we had the great opportunity to give a talk about the matter. The talk was recorded and can be watched here.

DigiGes held the Winterkongress, which took place in Winterthur on 01.03. till 02.03.2024. The main topics are ethics, threats, and opportunities of IT. This year, many talks looked at AI in some way.

Most of the talks were in German. Here are some that I found interesting:

  • Predator Files is a talk about international connections of creators of surveillance technology (malware). Several journalists from different countries worked together to reveal the complex relationships between companies and individuals and the threat that uncontrolled surveillance technology poses to democracy.
  • Some Things Can’t be XPLAINed is an entertaining talk about the sad story of a hacked Swiss IT firm that supplies many Swiss government bodies with specialized software.
  • Prompt entzaubert: Wie KI-Floskeln uns manipulieren. Chris Bühler showed how many articles (and their headlines) focus on the wrong aspects of AI – or are simply plain wrong.
  • Sexroboter zwischen Recht, Ethik und IT Security. Ethical and IT-security aspects of sex robots – and some GDPR.
  • Lightning Talk about Digital Policy Alert. This website seems to be an excellent tool for journalists and activists to get updates on changes in IT-related laws and policies for all jurisdictions around the globe.
  • Automatisierte Ungleichheit. This talk highlights how biased data and algorithms can negatively influence people’s lives.

Enjoy watching!

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