TROOPERS20 Training Teaser: Insight Into Windows Internals

Windows 10 is one of the most commonly deployed operating systems at this time. Knowledge about its components and internal working principles is highly beneficial. Among other things, such a knowledge enables:

  • in-depth studies of undocumented, or poorly documented, system functionalities;
  • development of performant and compatible software to monitor or extend the activities of the operating system itself; and
  • analysis of security-related issues, such as persistent malware.

The “Insight into Windows Internals” training offered at TROOPERS20 delivers knowledge on the core components and inner working principles of Windows 10. For example, the training provides knowledge on how Windows 10 uses virtualization to isolate security-critical functionalities from attackers that have managed to compromise the system. The training includes a variety of practical exercises allowing attendees to observe first-hand the operation of Windows 10.

You can find the detailed agenda of “Insight into Windows Internals” here.

-Aleksandar Milenkoski, Dominik Phillips