IPv6 RA Flags, RDNSS and DHCPv6 Conflicting Configurations Revisited

As you may know, we published a whitepaper discussing the behavior of different operating systems once they receive IPv6 configuration parameters from different sources two years ago. At that time, the results were quite a mess. We were curious whether the situation is still so “dire” like two years ago. We fired up the lab, updated the tested operating systems and performed the tests again.

To summarize, at least in scenarios were only one router is involved, the results look way more consistent (even cross operating system) then two years ago. So we made progress on this front. Unfortunately, as soon as a second router is introduced into the segment it gets messy and the operating systems do show inconsistent behavior.

The updated whitepaper can be found here .

Have a great week (at IETF if you happen to be there) everybody!



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