Evaluation of IPv6 Capabilities of Commercial IPAM Solutions

Originating from a customer IPv6 deployment project, in early 2014 we defined a number of requirements as for the IPv6 capabilities of IPAM solutions, with a certain focus on security-related requirements (due to the specific environment of the project). We subsequently performed a practical evaluation of several commercial solutions, based on documentation, lab implementation and vendor communication.

We just released a newsletter describing the requirements and the results of the evaluation.
It should be noted that in the interim newer versions of the evaluated products might be available which might have enhanced features. Hence, from our perspective, understanding the requirements of an individual environment might even be more important than the actual results described in that document (as those only reflect a certain point of time). We hope to contribute here to a well-informed requirements definition and decision taking process on your side.
Feel free to get back to us on any of the points laid out or, even better, join us at the Troopers IPv6 Security Summit in Heidelberg on Mar 16th/17th in order to discuss any related points.

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