IPv6 Hardening Guide for Windows Servers

After we recently released the “Linux IPv6 Hardening Guide” we got a number of suggestions “could you pls provide a similar document for $OS?” (btw: thanks to you all for the overwhelming interest in the Linux document and the active discussion of ip6tables rule approaches on the ipv6hackers mailing list).

Hence Antonios thankfully decided to put together a list of configuration steps for Windows servers. It can be found here.

Once more we’d like to emphasize that the approach described is only suited for very specific environments with high security requirements and an associated ratio of “generous operational resources”. From our perspective this guide is intended mostly to serve as a source of inspiration (“what could be done”) and for documentation purposes (“how to do it”). Everything described should be carefully tested in your specific environment.
For example, we were recently involved in IPv6 security planning in an organization where the Windows guys (completely legitimately) came up with a stance of “before we fully accept and ratify the strategy and policy just discussed, we’d like to get feedback from Microsoft, if we still have full support once we follow this path”.

Happy Holidays! and everybody have a great new year 2015. IPv6 gonna rock the world 😉


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