Security Implications of Disruptive Technologies

Yesterday I gave a talk with the above title in a private setting. Given it might be of interest for some of you, the slides can be found here.

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  1. Enno – excellent as always. Lots of great thought provokers and nice illustrations. Question – I believe we have a similar mentality in terms of maintaining the original architectural vision of the Internet founders. However, if I put my disruptive technology hat on – how do you know of the original architecture still makes sense or it’s time to abandon it for a new one?

    Also still ruminating on the MLD issue. Hoping to have something interesting to say about it in the near future. Coming to Germany would be awesome but probably next to impossible in the near future. But if you want to collaborate on something let me know. I wouldn’t mind doing some research for part of a presentation and putting together some slides/findings. I would just have to rely on you/someone else to present.


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