ERNW Newsletter 42: Dangers of Disabled Pre-Boot Authentication in Corporate Environments

It’s been a long time… we just published an ERNW Newsletter. Here’s the abstract:

In order to protect sensitive data on corporate laptops, most companies are using full disk encryption solutions. While native encryption products like Microsoft Bitlocker, Apple FileVault and open source solutions like TrueCrypt were already heavily scrutinized by security researchers, many popular commercial third party products are to some point still black boxes.

In this paper, we discuss Check Point Full Disk Encryption (FDE) with active “Windows Integrated Logon”. Checkpoint FDE is a software package that is part of Check Point Endpoint Security and offers full disk encryption on Microsoft  Windows and Mac OS X systems. The “Windows Integrated Logon” feature reduces total cost of ownership by disabling pre-boot authentication. Check Point themselves warn about security risk associated with using this feature.

We argue that missing TPM integration and integrity checks make Check Point FDE with activated ”Windows Integrated Logon“ highly insecure against sophisticated attackers. Furthermore, we demonstrate the extraction of AES encryption
keys on a running system and subsequent decryption of the encrypted disk. Our analysis is limited to Check Point FDE v.7.4.9 on Windows operating systems and was performed during a penetration test of an encrypted customer enterprise laptop. Therefore, we concentrate on the client architecture and ignore other aspects like enterprise management interfaces.


The document itself can be found here.

Enjoy reading & Happy Holidays to everybody



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