IPv6 Hackers Meeting @ IETF 87 in Berlin / Slides

That meeting was actually a great event. Once more, big thanks! to Fernando for organizing it and to EANTC for providing the logistics.
A couple of unordered notes to follow:

a) The slides of our contribution can be found here. Again, pls note that this is work in progress and we’re happy to receive any kind of feedback.
[given Fernando explicitly mentioned Troopers, we’ve allowed ourselves to put some reference to it into this version of the slide deck…]

b) the scripts Stefan currently puts together will be released here once they’ve undergone more testing ;-).

c) Sander Steffann mentioned that Juniper SRX models do have IPv6 support for management protocols. According to this link this seems somewhat correct.

d) we had that discussion about (which) ASA inspects work with IPv6.
Here‘s a link providing some info for 8.4 software releases, this is the respective one for 9.0.

e) I was really impressed by the work performed by these guys and I think that ft6 (“Firewalltester for IPv6”) is a great contribution to the IPv6 security (testing) space.
And, of course, Marc’s latest additions to THC-IPV6 shouldn’t go unnoticed ;-). And I learned he can not only code, but cook as well.


Eric Vyncke commented “To be repeated”. We fully second that ;-).



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