Slides & Scripts from Antonios Atlasis’ “Advanced Attack Techniques against IPv6 Networks” Workshop

After his great presentations on IPv6 Extensions Headers and security problems related to fragmentation we had invited Antonios Atlasis to Heidelberg to give  this workshop at ERNW. It was a great experience with many fruitful discussions between the participants (mostly security practitioners from very large organizations planning to have their Internet edge IPv6 enabled within the next 6-12 months) and him/us. Antonios thankfully decided to make his slides and scripts available for those interested in further research on the topics (it should be noted that the scripts have not been tested thoroughly and he’s happy to receive feedback of any kind at antoniosDOTatlasisDOTgmailDOTcom). Today Marc (Heuse) gives his workshop on pentesting in the IPv6 age. Hopefully such events help to move things into the right direction in the IPv6 security space…




  1. Hi, thanks for providing the slides and scripts from Antonios so quickly!
    I enjoyed these 2 days in Heidelberg with all these IPv6-guys 🙂

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