HITB Aftermath

didn’t find the time so far to post a short blog about HITB Amsterdam so far… but here we go.

Unfortunately I couldn’t arrive in AMS earlier than Thursday evening so I missed the first day (and – from what I heard – some great talks). However we went out for dinner that night with the likes of Andreas (Wiegenstein), Jim (Geovedi), Raoul (Chiesa), Travis (Goodspeed), Claudio (Criscione) and some more guys and I had some quite good conversations, both on technical matters and on Intra-European cultural differences ;-). Btw: thanks again to Martijn for taking care of the restaurant.

On Friday I listened to Travis’ talk on “Building a Promiscuous nRF24L01+ Packet Sniffer” (cool & scary stuff) and a part of this talk on iPhone data protection (well delivered as well). In the afternoon Daniel and I gave an updated version of the “Attacking 3G and 4G Telecommunication Networks ” presentation (the HITB version can be found here). Overall I can say that HITB was an excellently organized event with a great speaker line-up (not sure if we contributed to that one ;-)) and some innovative ideas (inviting a bunch of local hacker spaces among those). Dhillon is a fabulous host and I already regard HITB as one of the major European security events (next to Troopers, of course ;-)).
Have a great weekend everybody



  1. I think you two did a very good job keeping the quality of speaker high. Excellent presentation, excellent work.

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