Intel’s Known Good Approach — Chances for a Paradigm Shift?

During the keynote of the Intel Developer Forum, Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini explained their motivation for the acquisition of McAfee. Basically, Intel wants to provide a possibility to shift computer security from a known bad model to something that is a known good model.

Coming back to some of our recent blog posts, we think that a reliable and working approach to implement application whitelisting would increase security in corporate environments — especially when thinking of the latest vulnerabilities with exploit code in the wild that could not be catched up by any AV solution. As covered by this article, the possibility that such an approach succeeds depends heavily on the critical mass that would use it. The widespread x86 architecture therefore is the perfect plattform for accomplishing a widely used known good model. Presuming the possibility for flexibel and secure operation, Intel’s efforts could be the chance to shift the paradigm of corporate security from a reactive to a preventive model.