Spooky Story about Break-In in Military Contractor Facility

… recently published here.
While I certainly agree with those comments stating that there’s a fishy element in the – conspiracy theory nurturing – story itself, this reminds me that Graeme Neilson (who gave the “Netscreen of the Dead” talk at Troopers, discussing modified firmware on Juniper and Fortinet devices) and I plan to give a talk on “Supply Chain (In-)Security” at this year’s Day-Con event. We still have to figure out with Angus if it fits into the agenda (and if we have enough material for an interesting 45 min storyline ;-)) though. Stay tuned for news on this here.

On a related note: for family reasons I won’t be able to make it to Vegas for Black Hat. Rene will take over my part in our talk “Burning Asgard – What happens when Loki breaks free” which covers some cool attacks on routing protocols and the release of an awesome tool Daniel wrote to implement those in a nice clicky-clicky way.

To all of you guys going to Vegas: have fun! and take care 😉


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