BlackHoodie 2016

This year’s BlackHoodie workshop rolled out with 28 amazing women from all parts of the world. It was a very vibrant group with students, professionals, engineers, researchers, physicists and what not. This is the second year that Marion Marschalek is running this reverse engineering workshop exclusively for women. There were a variety of topics that were covered. This includes anti emulation tricks, anti debuggers, packers, obfuscation, encryption/decryption functions, and a lot of fun with IDA.

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Dynamic IDA Enrichment (aka. DIE)

Last year on the Hex-rays plugin Contest the Dynamic IDA Enrichment (DIE) plugin won first place, so we decided to have a look and play around with it.

DIE extends IDA to add Dynamic Data to the static analysis. So after the installation, we are able to perform the static analysis using a lot of supporting information from the actual execution of the binary under assessment.

Since DIE is purely written in Python you will need at least Python 2.7 and IDA Versions prior to 6.8 won´t work. In the current version DIE will only work on Windows which will hopefully soon be available cross-platform.

To setup the environment for DIE just use pip install –r requirements.txt (requirements.txt are shipped with DIE).
Copy to the IDA Plugin directory and add an environment Variable named DIEDIR including the path to the DIE directory. Continue reading “Dynamic IDA Enrichment (aka. DIE)”

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