A Life Without Vendors Binary Blobs

This blogpost will be about my first steps with coreboot and libreboot and a life with as few proprietary firmware blobs as possible. My main motivation were the latest headlines about fancy firmware things like Intel ME, Computrace and UEFI backdoors. This post is not intended to be about a as much as possible hardened system or about coreboot/libreboot being more secure, but rather to be able to look into every part of software running on that system if you want to.

I first got curious about coreboot and libreboot at the 33C3 (Bootstraping a slightly more secure laptop). Then I searched for some old retired hardware at ERNW which I could flash coreboot to and found an old Thinkpad X61. Finding the X60 as officially supported hardware on the libreboot homepage, I have read through the libreboot and coreboot manuals to learn about the main coreboot part and it’s several payloads. Continue reading “A Life Without Vendors Binary Blobs”

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