Introducing the Kernel Space Invaders

Today it is my pleasure to shortly introduce ERNW’s Capture the Flag team, the Kernel Space Invaders. As a long-time CTF enthusiast, I’m really amazed how many of us make the time to tackle IT security challenges also on the weekends or evenings. Even if we cannot participate in all CTFs out there (which would be challenging anyways given the large number of CTF events happening nowadays), we started to compile a repository of some of our write-ups — I hope some of you will enjoy!




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Some Design Aspects of Hacking Challenges

We’re currently starting the preparation for the Troopers15 PacketWars Challenge, and since I’ve participated in quite some CTF games and have been involved in the preparation of a number of PacketWars Battles, I thought I’d write down some thoughts on the design of hacking challenges.

First of all, my experience is limited almost exclusively to attack-defend-CTFs or interactive war games (such as PacketWars or CCDC). While thinking about this blogpost, I also came across several terms which are used, so I decided to give a short summary:

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Power of Community 2014

I had the pleasure to participate in this year’s Power of Community and was invited to talk about the insecurity of medical devices. The conference is based in Seoul, Korea and started in 2006. It has a strong technical focus and it is a community driven event. For me it was great to participate as mostly hackers from Asia were there and I got the chance to talk to a lot of nice folks that I wouldn’t be able to meet otherwise. This is especially true for the host, vangelis.

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