“We have a Code Blue right here!”

That was the opener for my presentation on the Security in Medical Devices at CodeBlue 2015 last week in Tokyo, Japan. A Code Blue often describes a patient in a critical condition, mostly needing resuscitation. That just seemed to be a perfect match, also in the sense that the condition of some medical devices out there are still pretty critical concerning security. If you follow our current research on this you know what I am talking about. I hope that we are not talking about this topic anymore three years from now. That would mean that we have made the world a safer place, although it took some time … 😉

Speaking at Code Blue really was a blast! “Arigato” for having me! The conference was organized very well and the staff was extremely caring. You could really feel the community vibe in this event. Considering that the conference is only around a few years that is really remarkable. The talks I enjoyed most obviously were both keynotes: Takuya Matsuda – The Singularity is Near and Richard Thieme’s thoughtprovoking speech at the end of the conference. I also enjoyed Bhavna Soman’s high quality talk about using metrics to correlate APT binaries. The overall quality of the talks on Code Blue was pretty good but what I enjoyed the most were the discussions and the exchange with other researcher from all over the planet.

I hope to see some of you at Troopers16! 🙂



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