AD /Azure Security Track on Troopers 23


We’re excited to announce the nearly complete composition of the Active Directory & Azure Security Track on Troopers 23 with fantastic speakers!

Here we go:

Dumping NTHashes from Azure AD
(Nestori Syynimaa)

Hidden Pathways: Exploring the Anatomy of ACL-Based Active Directory Attacks and Building Strong Defenses
(Jonas Bülow Knudsen, Alexander Schmitt)

Priority for Effective Action – A Practical Model for quantifying the Risk of Active Directory Attacks
(Mars Cheng, Dexter Chen)

(Windows) Hello from the other side” (Dirk-jan Mollema)

The Power of Coercion Techniques in Windows Environments
(Martin Grottenthaler)


Stay tuned for regularly updated info about Troopers 23 conference.




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