Dog Whisperer Update

With the current situation, it’s not easy to find the right angle to start this blog post, so I won’t even try… but with Troopers cancelled, my Bloodhound workshop went down the drain, and I didn’t get a chance to meet or catch up with all of you and share my latest BloodHound adventures. So I decided to write a quick post to share all this…

As you might have heard, BloodHound 3 was released last month, so I thought it was time to update the Dog Whisperers Handbook.
It’s basically a quick intro to BloodHound and Cypher, with a lot of links to resources for further learning.
You can download the latest version here. Hope you enjoy it.

If you are into tooling, and because a good news never comes alone, I also updated CypherDog and WatchDog for Bloodhound 3.

CypherDog is a full set of PowerShell Cmlets to view and manipulate Bloodhound data from the command line. Code can be found here.

WatchDog is my latest attempt at extracting metrics out of the Bloodhound database. Initial info can be found in this previous Insinuator post.
Using it in the field has proven quite efficient. Not a silver bullet, but a good way to know where to look…
Code can be found here. Ping me on slack if you give it a go and have any questions.

With all this you should have enough to play with your dog during lockdown while waiting for the AV to kick in and the system to reboot…

Take care.
Looking forward to seeing you all at next Troopers.