Back from PowerShell Conference Europe…

The PowerShell Conference Europe 2019 took place last week in Hannover, and I had the pleasure to attend and speak for the second year in a row. I want to thank @TobiasPSP @Alexandair @sqldbawithbeard and the @PSConfEU crew for putting up this #PowerShell feast. From a RaspberryPi to the Clouds, from PowerShell internals to a dancing Lego robot, if you have anything to do with windows, PowerShell, or a computer, there was some content made for you…[I will update this post with links as soon as the videos are published. Make sure to check it out.]

Security was also on the menu, and I was impressed to see how much interest there was for the topic.
Packed rooms for @Lee_Holmes on vulnerabilities in Empire Servers, @danielhbohannon on obfuscation [and on caffeine], a double session on JEA by @cj_berlin, @claustn on AD Passwords, PowerShell war stories with DarkOperator or @IISResetMe [one of my favorite session this year, along with @JakobGSvendsen and his DJ set], and more great talks…
So much good stuff I couldn’t attend it all, but I will for sure catch up when the videos are published, and so should you.

Attending this conference is a great way to stay up to date with the latest developments of Windows and PowerShell. And since PowerShell touches almost any other technology and any platform, it is a great way to stay up to date with a bit of everything. Most of all, attending conferences like #PSConfEU is a great way to meet people [other introverts] who share your passion, and I can only recommend it. This you can not get by watching videos…

On a more personal note, and since [to my huge surprise] I have been awarded ‘Best Speaker’ for last years conference, I want to once again thank everyone for their support [and for flooding my Twitter notifications]. I often doubt myself, and it really means a lot at the moment.
Even if the imposter in me still feels a bit strange with it, I want to take it as an encouragement for anyone to come out of their comfort zone and attend and submit at conferences. I would have never thought I would one day joke with the ShellFather himself, exchange some late night thoughts in a zoo with #SadJoey, share my stuff on stage with the community, and even get a prize for it… [#BlameJaap]
The PowerShell Community is very welcoming and inspiring, and I am truly thankful for meeting all of you.

If you didn’t attend PSConfEU yet, you should join us next year… even better, submit a talk. Who knows what could happen…

Thanks again to all those who made it a great event. See you next year…
In the meanwhile, make sure to bookmark this page. I will update it with links to the talks I mentioned when videos are made public.


Have a nice week. Hack the Planet.


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