Troopers & Chill…

As promised in my previous post, I am back for an overview of the Troopers19 – Active Directory related talks… Videos have been published and it’s popcorn time… So if you are into stories about Kingdoms and Crown Jewels, grab your loved one [or a drink…] and turn the lights down low, ’cause tonight it’s “Troopers & Chill…”

Warning: Don’t watch it all in one go… or you will start to feel some anxiety and pain…
and then the Flying Dutchman will move to the cloud… And at that point we are not insured anymore.

Now that you have been warned, here is the full playlist:


TR19 – MS Office file format sorcery@StanHacked & @ptrpieter


TR19 – Introducing Faction: A modern, powerful, multiplayer C2 framework@JaredHaight


TR19 – Sneaking Past Device Guard@PhilipTsukerman


TR19 – You “try” to detect mimikatz@MySmartLogon


TR19 – From Workstation to Domain Admin: Why Secure Administration Isn’t Secure and How to Fix It@PyroTek3


TR19 – BloodHound and the Adversary Resilience Methodology@CptJesus & @_Wald0


TR19 – Active Directory and Azure – Core Security PrinciplesFriedwart K. & Heinrich W.


TR19 – I’m in your cloud, reading everyone’s emails – Hacking Azure AD via Active Directory@_DirkJan


TR19 – Abusing privileged file operations on Windows –  @clavoillotte


TR19 – Not A Security Boundary: Breaking Forest Trusts@harmj0y & @Tifkin_


TR19 – You (dis)liked mimikatz? Wait for kekeo@gentilkiwi


TR19 – Beyond Windows Forensics with Built-in Microsoft Tooling@FVT


TR19 – I am AD FS and so can you: Attacking Active Directory Federated Services@DoughSec & @BakedSec


TR19 – Fun with LDAP and Kerberos: Attacking AD from non-Windows machines @ropnop


TR19 – CypherDog 2.1 – Attackers think in Graphs, Management needs Metrics…@SadProcessor

Now between you and me, I don’t think I know of many security conferences with so much AD security goodness [and quality memes]
We have had some very positive feedback from the attendees, so I hope you will find what you like in there, and I am already looking forward to next year’s Troopers season…
In the meanwhile feel free to bookmark this page and come back as much as you like, and even bring some friends… This is meant to be shared [so please help spread the word where you can…].

Oh, and if you are working on something cool & AD related, make sure to keep an eye out for the TR20 CFP… It will be  the “best year ever“… [as per @Enno_Insinuator‘s Troopers Rule #2]

… And with this being said, I guess that’s about it for today ’cause I smell some of you cooking popcorn already.



and Make the World a Safer Place [Rule #1],




[PS: And of course, Troopers is not only about AD…  so if you want even more videos, you can head over to the Troopers YouTube Channel to watch the other Troopers19 tracks and sessions from previous years. So.Much.Good.Stuff.]