TROOPERS19 Training Teaser: Windows & Linux Binary Exploitation

Once again Troopers will have its Windows & Linux Binary Exploitation workshop. Its main focus are the ever-present stack-based buffer overflows still found in software today (e.g. CVE-2018-5002, CVE-2018-1459, and CVE-2018-12897) and their differences with regard to exploitation on Windows and Linux systems. If you ever wanted to know the details of the exploit development process for these systems then this workshop is for you.

After initial exercises involving the exploitation of classic stack-based buffer overflows, modern defense mechanism such as Stack Cookies, DEP, and ASLR are presented and analyzed for weaknesses. The participants will learn how these defense mechanisms can be bypassed and will develop exploits targeting real world applications such as the Foxit Reader Plugin for Firefox, Wireshark, and nginx.

This is an exercise heavy course. Attendees should be prepared to spend a lot of time inside a debugger, calculating memory addresses, and watching their exploits crash.

After completing the training, participants will have a solid understanding of how to exploit stack-based buffer overflow vulnerabilities. They will know which tools (e.g. WinDbg, gdb, mona, and msfvenom) to use for each step of the exploit development process. Furthermore, the participants will understand how modern mitigation mechanism work and which pitfalls they can have.

If you are interested in the training, you can find the details here.

Dennis & Oliver