H2HC2018 – Attacking VMware NSX

Matthias and I had the pleasure to give a talk at the H2HC2018 in São Paulo, Brazil about attacking VMware NSX. The talk is an introduction to VMware NSX for security researchers, and it discusses possible attack vectors including the management, controlling, and data exchange planes. We demonstrated how to prepare a fuzzing and debugging setup for the ESXi kernel and the kernel modules. It should be noted that Olli was also supporting the research.
The slides can be found here.

H2HC 2018 offered this year again a CTF. The CTF was a combination of defense challenges, called BlueWars (a simulated ATM which must be bricked) and PacketWars organized by Matthias and me on Sunday.

The overall conference was a blast and the organizer Rodrigo was taking care of the speaker as well as the conference visitors. Thanks a lot! I’m looking forward to next year to meet all the new friends again!