Active Directory Security Summit 2018 – Slides Online

on Tuesday, of November we realized our second AD security summit with the title: “Active Directory Security: On-Prem-Security, Secure Extension into the Cloud & Secure Operations” in Heidelberg. First, we had three talks: the first one about “Active Directory Core Security Principles & Best Practices” covering hybrid AD and AD Trusts as well (by Friedwart Kuhn & Heinrich Wiederkehr from ERNW), the second one a case study about the implementation of an ESAE Forest in a big insurance company (by Fabian Böhm from Teal Technology Consulting) and the third one about a case study with respect to the (security) challenges of a hybrid AD (by Raphael Rojas from STIHL). The afternoon passed quickly with a very fruitful and vivid discussion about implementing and operating securely ESAE environments and hybrid ADs and how to deal with the high number of AD Trusts many organisations suffer from. Today we published the slides. Enjoy and stay tuned!


Have a nice weekend & cheers,

Friedwart (head of Windows Security Team @ERNW)

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