TelcoSecDay 2018 – Talks Part2

We have the next set of selected talks being announced here. I am super excited about the variety of applications we had this year. Here are some of the talks we will have.

Title: From LoRa technology to deployment within Orange affiliates

Speakers: Franck L’Hereec and  Albert Nguyen

Just deployed, the LoRa technology has already passed into the hands of hackers who have analyzed the LoRaWAN protocol as well as the objects and gateways that implement it. At Orange, Orange Labs’ security experts have therefore looked into those issues, first to understand it better, and also ensure the network’s deployment in optimal security conditions. Demonstration via the example of the treatment of the security of an innovation project by Orange. During the presentation we will present :

  •  LoRaWAN Technology and security mechanism
  •  Feedback on security audits we have made on devices and gateway. (Hardware and software issues we found)
  •  Feedback on radio attacks we have made
  •  LoRaWAN 1.0 specification security issues and what we our proposal to enforce the security mechanisms for next specifications

Title: SIM Runner- Hunting, Detecting and Retiring GSM Bypass Fraud

Speaker: Graeme Nielson and Vladimir Wolstencroft

GSM bypass fraud costs operators billions of dollars a year. Tracking and disabling the devices used by fraudsters is itself an industry, in which operators invest huge resources. We will show how, through the evolution of human behavior simulators (HBS), the current state of the art in detection is being evaded. This talk will demonstrate new techniques for detecting and disabling the use of these gateways, regardless of HBS.

Title: Exploit delivery and tunneling over SS7 – A new type of SS7 attack

Speaker: Fredrik Söderlund

The talk is about how SS7 despite size limitations can be used to deliver exploits that attack mobile network equipment and how SS7 can be used to tunnel data to and from compromised network elements.

We do have few other interesting talks that our speakers have requested not to be published before the event. So keep your fingers crossed till the event to know what they are. 🙂